About Jane Floyd, PsyD

About Jane Floyd, PsyD

Who Am I?

My interest in human behavior and the connection of our mind and body has been a long-time fascination. Pursuing and completing my doctorate in clinical psychology is actually my second career. My first career was successfully fulfilled by positions in technology and organizational change.

My belief in the connection of our mind/ body was learned the hard way…. through one of those life-changing medical traumas. I discovered trauma can be a catalyst for change.  So, my change was a return to school……though I questioned why go back to school when professors were closer to my age and fellow students closer to my daughter's age? I learned to say why not!  Thus, my perspective in life is one of pursuing the dreams you have and if dreams and goals are not clear, let’s find and define them. Let’s work with rather than avoid the things that perhaps get in your way and recognize that so much can be achieved in our lives.

My clinical training journey consisted of placements in outpatient hospitals, working with those struggling with substance abuse challenges, a focus on neuropsychology in a faith-based setting, and an internship that provided training in domestic violence, emergency medicine and a variety of clinical issues. All have been in culturally diverse parts of the country.

Yet, it was my two-year post-doctoral fellowship at Duke Integrative Medicine that provided a culmination of these experiences and served as the most formative in my approach.

I have learned the value and perspective of treating the whole being and to integrate ones emotional, physical, spiritual (should you desire) and nutritional perspective into your overall care.

In our work together:

We will integrate your knowledge, insight and expertise of your life with my perspective, to challenge - in a safe way - the thinking and automatic thoughts that so quickly come to your mind when faced with situations. The great thing is, those thoughts can be modified, but much like a muscle, it requires a consistent effort, and a willingness to try new approaches - it may be a little tough in the beginning. We will focus and learn to:

  • Identify thinking patterns – developing an awareness of how you think about yourself, circumstances and outcomes and gain insight of where you may be critical and the unhelpful ways of how you relate to who you are
  • Take the time to reflect – while hard to do in the busyness of life, looking inward helps build awareness of emotions and to explore what’s going on. Clarity in thinking and discovery of what really matters will result in those moments
  • Become curious – life is a journey full of twists and turns; embrace what is presented and yet be mindful of the present moment
  • Add self-care and compassion into your life – let’s work on increasing your ability for self-kindness and the process of acceptance
  • Develop a growth mindset – no matter where you are emotionally, physically, or how old or young you are, we can expand in areas of life and improve in ways of relating and achieving what is possible or even ….what may seem impossible

If this sounds and feels interesting to you, let’s begin with a complimentary 15-minute telephone conversation to determine how we can work together and the next steps.


Associations and Certifications

  • American Psychology Association (APA)
  • APA Consulting Division, Executive Board Member
  • Certified Practitioner, EQ-i 2.0 & EQ 360